About SecureOne Security Services

SecureOne Security Services has established itself as a notable player in the venue security industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to a diverse array of security needs. With more than two decades of experience under their belt, SecureOne presents a compelling option for those in search of reliable security solutions. Their ability to provide both armed and unarmed guards, alongside specialized patrol services and security training, positions them as a versatile choice for clients with varying requirements.

A significant advantage of SecureOne lies in their tailored approach to security. They don't subscribe to a one-size-fits-all methodology; instead, they invest time in understanding the specific needs and nuances of each client's situation. This personalization is evident in their deployment of security personnel, who are not only equipped to protect but are also trained to reinforce policies and procedures vigilantly. The feedback from their clientele suggests a high level of satisfaction, with particular commendation for their professionalism and reliability.

Another aspect that sets SecureOne apart is their emphasis on technology. They've embraced advancements such as comprehensive CCTV monitoring and advanced technology backing their patrol services. This integration of technology speaks volumes about their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing modern security solutions to their clients.

In terms of customer service, SecureOne seems to go the extra mile. Their website boasts testimonials from various clients, including major transportation and hotel chains, all highlighting the security company's ability to maintain safety without incidents. The officers' professionalism, punctuality, and the hands-on approach of field supervisors have been highlighted as key factors contributing to the positive experiences shared by clients.

Training is another cornerstone of SecureOne's service offering. They operate Security Training Centers, which are indicative of their commitment to high-quality training for their personnel. This not only ensures that their team is capable of handling diverse situations but also instills confidence in clients that the security officers are well-prepared for their roles.

While SecureOne's merits are clear, prospective clients should also consider the specifics of their own security needs. For instance, while SecureOne boasts a nationwide reach, local knowledge and experience can be critical in certain scenarios. Thus, it may be beneficial for clients to inquire about SecureOne's familiarity with their particular locality or industry.

In summary, SecureOne Security Services appears to be a solid choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive, technology-forward security partner. Their personalized service, combined with a strong emphasis on professional training and customer satisfaction, are attributes that likely contribute to their standing in the security services industry. As with any service, it's advisable for potential clients to engage in due diligence, ensuring that SecureOne's offerings align with their specific security requirements.

Products and Services

SecureOne Security Services offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including community patrols, armed guard presence, specialized security training, and tailored event security services, all delivered with a commitment to professionalism, adaptability, and client-specific needs to ensure peace of mind and protection across various settings.

Community Patrol

Licensed security officers provide community patrol services ensuring white-glove security for gated communities, senior living communities, HOA Security, and more.

Armed Guards

Expert, professional armed guards tailored to specific security needs, offering a reassuring presence and immediate protection.

Security Training

Comprehensive security training programs for various security needs, including law enforcement and security officer education.

Event Security

Custom security guard solutions for events, ensuring safety and professional handling of any security related incidents.


  • Extensive experience with over two decades in the security industry

  • Offers a comprehensive range of services including armed/unarmed guards and event security

  • Nationwide reach with a strong presence in key states like Arizona and Illinois


  • Services may be priced at a premium due to high client satisfaction and referral rates

Getting Started

After signing up with SecureOne Security Services, you can expect to receive expert, professional security services tailored to your specific needs. The first steps often involve a discussion or assessment to understand your security requirements, followed by a proposal of customized solutions. SecureOne emphasizes strong communication and will likely assign a dedicated coordinator to manage your services and ensure smooth implementation. Their comprehensive range of services, from armed guards to patrol services and security training, implies a thorough onboarding process designed to cover all aspects of your security needs. To get started with SecureOne Security Services, visit their website and fill out their online quote request form or call their toll-free number. If SecureOne Security Services doesn’t fit your needs, feel free to explore the rest of our rankings for other options.