About Security USA, Inc.

Security USA, Inc. stands out as a significant player in the Venue Security Services industry with a comprehensive approach to security solutions. This company has established a reputation for offering a wide range of services that cater to various client needs, from residential security to large-scale event protection. Their dedication to integrating advanced technology with traditional security measures means they are well-equipped to handle modern security challenges.

One of the key strengths of Security USA, Inc. is their personalized service. They understand that each client has unique security needs, and they strive to tailor their services accordingly. This client-centric approach is evident in their commitment to providing detailed security plans and standard operating procedures for industries as varied as hotels and casinos to warehouses and manufacturing concerns.

Security USA, Inc. also emphasizes the use of technology in their operations. Their adoption of facial recognition systems and CCTV/access control systems demonstrates their forward-thinking mindset. They realize that technology can be a force multiplier, enhancing the effectiveness of their well-trained security personnel. For clients who value the integration of high-tech solutions into their security strategies, Security USA, Inc. is likely to be an appealing choice.

Moreover, their executive team's background in military and law enforcement brings a level of expertise and experience that is reassuring to clients. The company's CEO, Rami Hahitti, outlines a clear focus on innovation, performance, and customer service, which indicates a leadership that is actively involved and committed to the company's mission.

For businesses requiring security services across multiple states, Security USA, Inc. provides a licensed and bonded presence not just in New York but also in New Jersey and Florida, along with nationwide services. This broad coverage is a plus for clients with geographically dispersed operations or those who require security services at multiple locations.

The company also places a significant emphasis on training and quality assurance. They offer a range of training options for their employees, ensuring that their security staff is up-to-date with the latest security practices and protocols. This focus on professional development can contribute to a higher standard of service delivery.

While Security USA, Inc. may not have the highest ranking in the industry, their commitment to client-specific security solutions, use of technology, and the expertise of their staff positions them as a strong contender for businesses and organizations seeking reliable and sophisticated security services. Their approach to venue security services demonstrates an understanding of the diverse security landscape and a readiness to address the unique challenges faced by their clients.

In conclusion, Security USA, Inc. appears to be a solid choice for those in need of venue security services, particularly for those who prioritize a blend of traditional security measures with advanced technology and personalized service. Their expansive service area, combined with their focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, makes them a notable option among the variety of providers in the security services industry.

Products and Services

Security USA, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including personal protection, event security, surveillance systems, and investigation services, tailored to ensure the safety and protection of clients across various industries with a focus on innovation, performance, and customer service.

Security Guard / Patrol

Provides licensed security officers for patrols and guarding premises to ensure protection of clients and their assets.

Fire Guards / Fire Safety

Offers fire watch services with trained professionals to maintain safety and compliance with fire safety regulations.

Doorman / Concierge

Features doorman and concierge services for residential buildings, enhancing security while providing customer service.

Executive / VIP Protection

Delivers personal protection and bodyguard services for executives, VIPs, and individuals in high-risk situations.


  • Over 60 years of combined experience in military, law enforcement, and security

  • Specializes in a broad range of services from security guards to cyber crisis management

  • Strong track record in adapting to client's individual needs and providing customized services


  • May have higher costs due to the level of expertise and customization offered

Getting Started

Starting with Security USA, Inc., you can anticipate a client-focused approach that begins with assessing your security needs and developing a plan that aligns with your objectives. Considering their experience with a wide range of industries, the onboarding process will likely include a detailed risk assessment followed by strategic planning for your security. They pride themselves on innovation and customer service, hinting at a personalized experience from the start. To initiate their services, it’s best to visit Security USA, Inc.’s website to request a free quote or contact them directly through their provided phone numbers. If you are still evaluating options, we have a list of top-ranked companies for you to consider.