About National Security Service

National Security Service (NSS) stands as a notable entity in the domain of venue security services, extending its protective umbrella across the United States with a network of 437 offices. This expanse reflects their commitment to nationwide accessibility, ensuring that clients can avail themselves of their services regardless of location—a factor that can be pivotal for businesses or events with a national footprint.

NSS's service offerings are broad and adaptable, which is a recurring theme in customer testimonials. Clients appreciate the ability to tailor security solutions to their specific needs, whether it be for commercial spaces, events, construction sites, or educational institutions. The versatility of NSS is one of its most lauded attributes, as it can deploy armed or unarmed security officers, manage disaster response, or provide personal protection. This adaptability is not just a buzzword for NSS; it’s a practiced reality that reassures clients of their capability to handle diverse security demands.

One of the interesting facets of NSS is the GuardsToGo mobile app. In today's fast-paced world, the convenience and efficiency of having security services at the tap of a screen are not lost on clients. This modern approach to client engagement through technology is indicative of NSS's forward-thinking mindset, which resonates well with a clientele that values innovation and responsiveness.

NSS also places a strong emphasis on the professionalism and training of its security personnel. The company highlights that its guards are carefully selected for their reliability and skill sets, ensuring high-quality protection. This attention to personnel quality is a significant deciding factor for potential clients, as well-trained security staff are the cornerstone of any reliable security service.

However, it's not all about the breadth of services or technology. Customer service is a critical component of NSS's offerings. Reviews frequently mention the professionalism and responsiveness of representatives, suggesting a customer-centric culture that prioritizes client satisfaction. This aspect is particularly crucial in the security industry, where trust and dependability form the basis of client relationships.

While NSS does not shy away from showcasing its strengths, it is also important for potential clients to consider their specific requirements and how NSS's services align with their security needs. The company may not specialize in a single niche, which can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, their broad expertise allows them to handle a wide range of situations. On the other, some clients might prefer a security service with a more focused area of specialization.

In conclusion, National Security Service presents itself as a robust and adaptable choice in the venue security service industry. Their nationwide reach, comprehensive service offerings, integration of technology, and emphasis on professional staff training make them a compelling option for clients with varied security needs. As with any service, weighing NSS's capabilities against one's specific requirements will determine whether they are the right partner for ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Products and Services

National Security Service offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs, including specialized pandemic response, fire watch services, mobile patrols, and personalized protection, ensuring events and individuals are safeguarded with professional vigilance and reliability.

Armed Security Officers

Provision of both armed and unarmed officers for security needs including commercial and event security.

Pandemic Security Guards

Specialized security personnel for situations heightened by pandemic conditions, ensuring health and safety protocols are followed.

FireWatch Services

Dedicated services to protect properties from fire hazards, with vigilant monitoring and emergency response.

Mobile Security Patrols

Security patrols that offer a visual deterrent and ensure the safety of various sites, including residential and commercial areas.


  • Operates a vast network of 437 offices nationwide catering to a variety of sectors

  • Customized security solutions with dedicated security coordinators for each client

  • Positive feedback for their responsiveness and quality of service across the country


  • Complexity of services across numerous offices may lead to variability in service experience

Getting Started

When you sign up with National Security Service, expect a nationwide network of security solutions at your disposal. The onboarding process will involve an assessment of your security needs to match you with the appropriate services, whether it's armed security officers or mobile patrols. The company’s commitment to reliable and affordable services suggests a straightforward and efficient onboarding experience. To begin with National Security Service, their website offers an easy way to request a quote, or you can call them to discuss your needs in detail. If you feel National Security Service is not the perfect match, our rankings include other reputable security service providers.