About Off Duty Officers

Off Duty Officers, Inc. stands out in the crowded landscape of venue security services with its distinctive approach to ensuring safety and peace of mind for its clientele. Emphasizing a blend of seasoned expertise and adaptability, this company offers a comprehensive suite of security services that cater to a wide array of needs, from corporate events to private parties, and everything in between.

One of the company’s unique selling propositions is its employment of off-duty law enforcement officers for security details. This strategy not only instills a heightened sense of security among clients but also brings a level of professionalism and experience to the table that is hard to match. These officers come with a background that ensures a deep understanding of law enforcement practices, which can be invaluable in high-stakes situations where quick, decisive action may be necessary.

Off Duty Officers also provides an array of security services such as armed and unarmed guards, fire watch security, and mobile patrol units. Their versatility is commendable, offering both short-term and long-term assignments based on client needs. This flexibility is crucial for clients who require immediate protection without the commitment of a long-term contract, as well as those who need continuous, reliable security presence at their venues.

The company's commitment to technology is evident through their mention of advanced technologies and logistical processes integrated into their security operations. In an age where security threats can be as much digital as they are physical, this forward-thinking approach to incorporating technology is a significant advantage. It suggests a modern operation that understands the evolving nature of security threats.

What sets Off Duty Officers apart from the rest is not just their range of services but their dedication to a personalized experience for each client. Understanding that no two venues or situations are identical, they tailor their security details to the specific requirements of each event or location, ensuring a compatible fit for every security challenge.

However, while the breadth of services and the expertise of personnel at Off Duty Officers is impressive, it's important for potential clients to weigh these strengths against their own specific needs. For instance, some venues may require a more subtle security presence, which could mean that the assertive nature of employing off-duty law enforcement officers might not always align with the desired atmosphere of the event.

In conclusion, Off Duty Officers, Inc. presents a compelling option for those in need of robust and adaptable venue security services. With a strong emphasis on professional experience, customer-specific solutions, and technological integration, they stand as a notable contender in the industry. Whether you prioritize the reassurance of law enforcement expertise or the adaptability of a versatile security service provider, Off Duty Officers is certainly worth considering for your security needs.

Products and Services

Off Duty Officers provides a comprehensive array of security solutions, including armed and unarmed personnel, specialized event security, mobile patrols, and rapid emergency response for natural disasters, tailored to ensure safety and peace of mind across various environments and situations.

Armed Security Guards

Services include uniformed standing guards, bodyguard and plainclothes security accommodating safety needs with trained and certified personnel.

Unarmed Security Guards

Professionally trained officers to monitor and protect premises without the use of firearms, ensuring a safe environment for customers and employees.

Fire Watch Security

Guards remain on site to monitor areas until fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, inspected, and cleared by the Fire Marshal.

Event Security

Comprehensive security services for events, including personal protection, access control, and crowd management with licensed and experienced professionals.


  • Over 25 years of industry experience providing a wide array of specialized security services

  • Notable for offering both short-term and long-term contracts for flexibility in service

  • Strong regional presence in areas like Colorado Springs and Portland with specialized local knowledge


  • Services might come at a premium due to the extensive experience and specialization

Getting Started

With Off Duty Officers, the onboarding process is designed to assess and meet your unique security needs with a focus on providing skilled and dedicated protection. Their range of services suggests that you will receive a comprehensive security plan, whether you need temporary or long-term security solutions. Off Duty Officers’ emphasis on rapid nationwide response and 24-hour availability indicates that you can expect prompt service setup. To engage with Off Duty Officers, visit their website to request a security services quote or reach out via their toll-free number. Should you find that Off Duty Officers is not the right fit, there are more companies in our rankings to consider.