About Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service stands out in the Venue Security Services industry for its comprehensive approach to safeguarding events, properties, and individuals. Operating since 2013, the company has established itself as a dependable partner for clients across the United States, offering a wide array of security services, from fire watch to armed guards, and event security.

One of the hallmarks of Fast Guard Service is its commitment to a seamless client experience, facilitated by a single point of contact. This approach simplifies communication and enhances accountability, ensuring that clients have a consistent and personalized interaction with the company. This is particularly reassuring for clients who value a straightforward and efficient line of communication during high-stress situations where security is a concern.

Fast Guard Service offers an impressive rapid nationwide response capability, promising to have security personnel on-site within four hours or less, regardless of the client's location. This swift response time is crucial for emergencies and last-minute security needs, setting Fast Guard Service apart from many competitors in the field.

The company's security personnel are drawn from a pool of former military and law enforcement professionals, bringing a level of expertise and experience that instills confidence. Armed and unarmed security options give clients the flexibility to choose the level of security appropriate for their situation, whether it's a high-profile event requiring armed guards or a more discreet presence with unarmed officers.

For events, Fast Guard Service's management of security is robust, covering everything from access control and crowd management to surveillance. Their presence at a venue not only deters potential threats but also provides a sense of safety for attendees, allowing events to proceed smoothly.

Additionally, Fast Guard Service extends its services to various niche markets, including cruise ship security, which presents unique challenges not typically encountered on land. The training and adaptability of their guards in such specialized environments demonstrate the company's ability to tailor its services to the unique demands of each client.

Fast Guard Service is well-equipped to handle security needs with cutting-edge technology, including drone surveillance and alarm monitoring, ensuring that clients benefit from the latest advancements in security measures. This technological edge, combined with the company's commitment to customer service, positions Fast Guard Service as a top-tier option for those seeking reliable, professional venue security services.

In conclusion, Fast Guard Service's dedication to client-centric solutions, rapid response times, and a highly trained staff makes it a compelling choice for anyone in need of venue security services. While no security company can guarantee complete infallibility, the professionalism and thoroughness of Fast Guard Service offer substantial peace of mind in an industry where the stakes are always high.

Products and Services

Fast Guard Service offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including armed and unarmed personnel, cutting-edge surveillance systems, and specialized event protection services, all delivered with exceptional customer service and a commitment to rapid nationwide response.

Firewatch Guards

24/7 fire hazard protection and emergency fire watch services to ensure safety and compliance with fire marshal orders.

Armed Security Guards

Highly trained professionals equipped to handle various security challenges, ensuring safety and maintaining a professional demeanor.

Unarmed Security Guards

Professionally trained officers providing visible deterrence and protection while maintaining a courteous and professional presence.

Event Security

Comprehensive security for private parties, corporate events, and large gatherings, tailored to meet specific event requirements.


  • Nationwide provider with a wide range of services including armed guards and fire watch

  • Quick response times with a 24/7 dispatch center for emergency and incident management

  • Emphasis on adaptability with services for various industries and personalized security plans


  • The broad scope of services offered may require clients to carefully select the right options for their needs

Getting Started

Upon signing up with Fast Guard Service, you will be introduced to a wide array of security services that cater to diverse needs, from fire watch to event security. Their onboarding process likely includes an initial consultation to understand your security challenges and design a suitable plan. Fast Guard Service's commitment to rapid response and 24/7 availability suggests that you can expect efficient service implementation. To initiate services with Fast Guard Service, head to their website to request a quote, or use their business line for immediate assistance. If Fast Guard Service doesn’t quite match up with your requirements, our rankings feature other security service providers.