About Morgan Security Service

Morgan Security Service has firmly established itself as a dependable provider in the venue security industry, serving the Chicago, Illinois, and Indiana areas for over 25 years. The company prides itself on offering a blend of traditional security measures and modern technological advancements, aiming to deliver services that cater to the evolving needs of their clientele.

Their comprehensive offerings span a wide range, including armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrol security, CCTV monitoring, keyholding, and alarm response services. This extensive suite of options is indicative of their commitment to providing tailored solutions to their customers. For instance, their CCTV monitoring service is a cost-effective way to protect businesses and properties from criminal activities, a service that's increasingly essential in today's security-conscious world.

One of Morgan Security Service's standout features is their real-time guard tracking system. This innovative approach ensures that every officer is accounted for, enhancing the overall response time and efficiency of the service. This level of detail in service delivery is particularly reassuring for clients who value accountability and performance.

The company's focus on training and vetting its professionals is second to none, emphasizing not just the safety but also the customer service aspect of security. Morgan Security officers are encouraged to interact with clients to facilitate fully personalized service—a trait not always prioritized in the security sector. This approach speaks volumes about their philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive, a mindset that can significantly deter incidents before they escalate.

When it comes to industry-specific services, Morgan Security does not disappoint. Their expertise covers various sectors, from corporate security and retail to construction sites and public sector banks, showcasing their adaptability and understanding of diverse security needs. Their event security services deserve a special mention; the company's seasoned experience allows for meticulous planning and implementation, ensuring that events, regardless of size or type, are managed and secured effectively.

While the company's rank within the industry isn't the focal point of this review, it's worth noting that they have sustained a reputation for excellence over an impressive tenure of service. However, it's important for potential clients to consider their specific security needs and compare Morgan Security's offerings to those of other providers to ensure the best fit for their particular circumstances.

In summary, Morgan Security Service stands out for its blend of experience, modern technology, and customer-centric philosophy. Their professional demeanor, coupled with stringent training and real-time monitoring systems, positions them as a strong contender for anyone looking to secure their venue or event. With a proactive approach and a wide array of services, they are a solid choice for those seeking reliable venue security solutions.

Products and Services

Morgan Security Service provides a full suite of tailored security solutions, including on-site guards, technologically advanced monitoring, and rapid response services, ensuring clients across various industries benefit from a secure and professionally managed environment.

Security Guard Services

Morgan Security Service offers a range of security guard services including armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrol, and CCTV monitoring, providing comprehensive protection for various sectors.

Mobile Patrol Security

Their mobile patrol security service acts as a visual deterrent against potential intruders and crimes, ensuring vigilant surveillance of the client's property.

CCTV Monitoring

Morgan Security provides CCTV monitoring services as a cost-effective solution to protect businesses and homes from criminal activities and environmental damages.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

The company manages keyholding duties and alarm responses, with highly-trained security officers ensuring the safety and security of staff and facilities.


  • Over 25 years of trusted service in the Chicago area, providing security for a range of sectors

  • Highly trained personnel with a focus on integrity and a strong work ethic

  • Customized security solutions with a free assessment to tailor services to client requirements


  • Concentrated regional focus may limit availability for clients outside Illinois and Indiana

Getting Started

Choosing Morgan Security Service for your security needs, you can expect an onboarding process that involves a comprehensive assessment of your security requirements, followed by the deployment of their highly trained security officers. Given their expertise in various industry sectors, Morgan Security Service will likely provide a customized security plan tailored to your specific needs. To begin with Morgan Security Service, their website is the best starting point to request a free consultation, or you can call their offices. If Morgan Security Service does not suit your needs, there are additional companies listed in our rankings that may be of interest.