About Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc.

In the crowded field of Venue Security Services, Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc. has carved out a niche that balances traditional security approaches with cutting-edge technological advancements. As a company that caters to a tech-savvy clientele, Black Ops offers a comprehensive range of services that span from armed and unarmed security personnel to sophisticated surveillance systems, ensuring a versatile approach to client protection.

One of the standout aspects of Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc. is its ownership structure. As a business owned by a disabled veteran and American Indian, it brings a unique perspective to its operations and commitment to service. This is not just a selling point but a reflection of a company that is likely to have a deep understanding of the importance of diligence, precision, and integrity in providing security services.

Clients looking for a security partner would be reassured by Black Ops’ attention to detail, as evident from the services listed on their website. The inclusion of fire watch services, private investigations, and executive protection in their portfolio indicates a well-rounded approach to security, ready to address various scenarios and client needs. Moreover, the mention of licensed and insured guards with over 20 years of experience in the industry speaks volumes about the level of trust and reliability they bring to the table.

The company's willingness to customize services to meet unique client requirements is a significant plus. This flexibility ensures that whether you're a small business needing intermittent site security or a large corporation requiring a full-time executive protection detail, Black Ops seems ready to tailor their services to your specifications.

However, while Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc. boasts a modern approach to security, potential clients should consider how this aligns with their specific needs. While the integration of technology into security services is undeniably beneficial, it is also essential for clients to understand the practical application of these technologies in their unique context. The company could benefit from providing case studies or examples of how their tech-driven services have made a tangible difference in specific scenarios.

In conclusion, Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc. emerges as a strong contender in the Venue Security Services industry. Their dual emphasis on traditional security staffing and modern technology integration, coupled with their customizable service approach, positions them well to serve a diverse range of client needs. While some may seek more detailed evidence of the effectiveness of their technological solutions, the company's professional experience and ownership background add a layer of trust that potential clients will find appealing.

Products and Services

Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc. offers a comprehensive security solution that includes a range of professional services such as unarmed and armed guards, fire watch, private investigations, executive protection, CCTV and alarm system monitoring, event security, and mobile patrols, all tailored to provide reliable protection and peace of mind for clients in various environments.

Unarmed & Armed Security

Provision of both unarmed and armed security guards to cater to varying levels of security needs for clients.

Fire Watch Services

Services to ensure fire safety through continuous monitoring, especially in cases where fire alarms are malfunctioning.

Private Investigations

A team of highly skilled private investigators to provide information and proof for personal, family, or business protection.

Executive Protection

Personal bodyguard services available 24/7, including highly trained professionals for VIP protection and challenges faced in various environments.


  • Over two decades of expertise in the security industry offering both armed and unarmed guard services

  • Diverse ownership bringing unique perspectives to the security services offered

  • Comprehensive technological security solutions with a focus on advanced security technology


  • Relatively less known brand may require additional efforts to build client trust at a national level

Getting Started

When you sign up with Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc., anticipate an onboarding process that includes an assessment of your security needs and the development of a personalized security plan. Their extensive experience in the industry should reassure you of their ability to handle your security requirements efficiently. To get started with Black Ops Security Services & Consulting Inc., it's recommended to visit their website and request a quote or call their 24/7 hotline. If you're still looking for the right security service, our rankings provide a selection of other top-notch companies.